In the fields of litigation, LN & Associates, over the years, has established a good reputation for high quality professional services in all areas of high stake, high profile, complex business disputes. This reputation is based on on a unique and innovative style os our service to its clients, both complainants and respondents, plaintiffs and defendants, which are steeped along high professionals standards.

Our trial lawyers have been involved in cases concerning the following subjects of litigation, breach of contract, enforcement of administrative agency regulations, employmen, defamation, bankruptcy, land and real estate, patent, tarademark & copyright infringements, and other claims.

The white collar criminal defense practice at LN & Associates is dedicated to dealing with serious trouble and preventing the worst from happening or we will try to “clean and clear” their case. We have handled numerous cases that have gone to trial, and in many instances have convinced the authority to decline prosecution. Our experience includes work in fraud, bribery, cooruption, extortion, custom and tax violation, currency violations, and others.