Commitment, Trust, Understanding
Founded in 2012, LN & Associates is one of Indonesia’s leading law firms.
LN & Associates understands Indonesian law, culture and customs and local commercial context.

LN & Associates is dedicated to serving the legal needs of our clients in an ethical and professional manner and promptly responding to our client inquiries and requests for assistance. For our clients, we act as advisors, counselors and facilitators. We are committed to legal excellence and client satisfaction.

Through the collective expertise of the partners,  a wealth of experience representing corporate clients, and an ability to look beyond traditional approaches and think creatively, LN & Associates  assists national, foreign, and multinational clients to achieve their business objectives within Indonesia.
As specialists in corporate legal services, LN & Associates understands its clients’ businesses, industries and corporate goals, ensuring that it can provide the most appropriate legal solutions adjusted to its clients’ circumstances.

We believe that hiring a lawyer is like making any capital expenditure; the return is expected to be greater than the investment.

Our goal is to make your investment a good one. We also believe in the age old adage that “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”. Thus, we strive to act with alacrity.


We serve clients with legal matters in Indonesia system of law. We have offices in cities in Sidoarjo East Java,Indonesia. We provide service in the areas of business law, labor law, family law, private law, public law, property law, bankruptcy law, administrative law, intellectual property rights and others law in Indonesia. We assist companies and individuals with their business transactions. We are provides a full complement of civil legal services including advice, legal document drafting, legal audit, negotiations, mediations, non litigation and litigation. We defend employer s, companies and individuals in civil matters.

For many of our clients, business has become more complex, more cross border, more exposed to market and regulatory risks. Whatever the problem and wherever it arises, our qualified lawyers and staff can work individually or in specially assembled teams to deliver the best result.

Our lawyers and staff have a broad range of experience in many areas of the law, enabling us to bring together winning teams of lawyers and staff with the right mix of skills to get clients the possible result in any setting.

We provides legal services to clients such as :
1. Legal Consultation;
2. Legal Drafting;
3. Legal Audit;
4. Negotiation/Mediation/Arbitration;
5. Make a Contracts / Reviewing a Contracts;
6. Non Litigation Legal Service (outside court);
7. Litigation Legal Service (in court);
8. And Others.
1. PT Landasindo Sahu Baruna Jaya (Oil and Gas Company/Surabaya);
2. PT Panca Sempurna Jaya (Property/Sidoarjo);
3. PT Rahayu Bali Putra (Property and Trading Company/Surabaya);
4. PT Suzuki Finance East Java Areas (Finance Company/East Java);
5. CV Kencana Sari (Minning Company);
6. And Others Individuals Retainer Client and Private Clients.